How to spray paint a plastic chair

We are often asked how to paint plastic objects. As you know, there are many different types of plastic. With Pintyplus primer spray for plastic you can paint most rigid plastics without the fear of cracking or flaking paint. Learn how to spray paint a plastic chair with this tutorial in only a few minutes.

As you can see below, this chair is in need of a second chance. It is not in good condition despite being made of rigid plastic.

How to spray paint a plastic chair before

Materials for painting a plastic chair

Materials for painting a plastic chair

How to paint plastic

In this tutorial Diana will show you how simple, fast and effective it is to paint plastic. Not only does it give you a fresh new colour but also great if the plastic has yellowed from sun damage.



1. Clean the surface to be painted.

Wash the chair with clean water and dry or use a cleaning alcohol (non oil solvent alcohol)

2. Apply the first layer of plastic primer

Once clean and dry apply a thin layer of Pintyplus plastic primer. The aerosol form of this paint makes it much easier to paint irregular plastic shapes such as this chair.

The primer is transparent, so make sure the full surface is covered. It has a drying time of 15 minutes.

Apply the first layer of plastic primer

3. Choose the paint colour

Although you can use any paint in this step, we recommend using Pintyplus spray paint Evolution. The Plastic primer gives optimum performance when used with the Pintyplus paint range ( Basic, Evolution, Chalk or Aqua) . Have fun with your colour choice.

Choose the spray paint colour

Thin layers are better. If you do aneven coat, you will not need a second coat. The paint is dry to touch in 15 minutes and in one hour will be completely dry and ready for use.

Painting a plastic chair with spray Pintyplus

4. Spray varnish layer

Finally it’s time for the Pintyplus Evolution spray paint varnish layer. This gives your project a bright and durable finish. You can dispense with this step but it does protect your work and gives it a longer lasting finish. You can choose from gloss, satin or matt finish .

This tutorial only took one hour to paint a plastic chair. If you enjoyed this tutorial please click on the following images for more fun projects.

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