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Would you like to restore and give new life to your objects with spray paint? You may think, how easy that is to say, but I have no idea, restoration requires technique and knowledge that most people don’t have. What if I told you that there is a type of painting that could transmit that […]

In this post, we will present the classic telephone desk painting project of the English What Hannah did next blog. What you will need when painting the telephone table: Pintyplus EVOLUTION acrylic spray paint Alcoholic cleaner Fine abrasive cloth The first step is to clean the surface properly. In this case, we were lucky, as the table is in […]

  2020 is a year in constant change, very stressful for the vast majority of people who see that we are already in summer, the time of rest par excellence, and it means the proximity of holidays for a good part of society and enjoys a little more of free time. Because the Covid-19 situation […]

Surely we all have an old chest of drawers at home that we no longer know where to place or that no longer fits us with our current decoration. This does not mean that we have to get rid of it, we can give it a new style and with it a second chance. With […]

The mobile phone goes with us almost anywhere and has become vital, and we can also paint it with Pintyplus. Style it to our liking, and therefore it is possible to paint the cover of your mobile and give it the style you want. The cases of the mobiles themselves are deteriorating, they are losing […]

The doors are an element of a lot of contacts, they suffer friction, knocks, scratches and the passage of time ends up affecting the painting. That is why it is recommended to learn how to paint a door with spray paint, renovate and decorate your house in an easy, fast, and to your liking way. […]

Surely you have at home many containers and objects that over time have worn out, lost color, shine, or have simply changed the decoration and that container no longer makes sense. Now you can choose to change it or paint it, recovering its shine and giving it another color. Painting household objects, furniture, or plastic […]

Spray paint colors

June 26, 2020

The meaning of colors is very important when it comes to manifesting our creativity. Whatever is the project, be it restoration, recycling, DIY … it will be important to know what each of them transmits. There are colors that evoke luck, love, intensity, energy … depending on the nature of your work, the emotion of […]

We all like to enjoy the outdoor space at home, whether it is a terrace or even a small balcony … That is why it’s very important that we prepare our outdoor furniture. In this post, we will explain how to renew plastic chairs with spray paint. In this post, we are going to give […]

We have designed a 100% isopropyl alcohol spray for this moment in which it’s very important to take care of the cleanliness of the objects. Pintyplus surface cleaner dries between 30 and 60 seconds, removing dirt and other elements comfortably and easily. Unlike other similar products on the market, Pintyplus surface cleaner does not contain […]

Looking for perfect spray paint for use in poorly ventilated spaces? Do you want to entertain yourself painting and redecorating your home and its objects without annoying odors? Do you have doubts about what to do with that old object that you like so much and that you love so much? Perhaps, buying a new […]

The good weather seems to be here to stay, and that makes us start preparing balconies, terraces, and outdoor patios for our house. Pintyplusers Jipijapas presents us with a project about how to start enjoying these areas of the house. To start the task, we show you in this post how to renew metal chairs […]