We are often faced with the problem that our various household appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave oven, etc. small defects occur which begin to rust over time. It also happens that a machine is still in perfect condition, but over time it has turned very yellow and we want to do it. That’s when the […]

  PintyPlus AQUA is the water-based paint spray we have created for you PintyPlus AQUA has been created for you and with you. Creating new paint spray is not easy. It’s not just about mixing the ingredients and filling them into a bottle. That’s why after many successful and less successful attempts, PintyPlus AQUA spray […]

Painting is the fastest and most effective way to transform the decoration of any room or object. Do you want to paint a piece of furniture? A painting? Walls? Wood? Metal? Plastic? Ceramic? … Do you want to paint like a professional? When we paint at home, we give a new air, a new life, it […]

Temperatures drop, terraces and balconies lose relevance compared to other common areas of the house. The living room regains its prominence and throughout the house warm colors, more palatable fabrics, and materials that comfort and warm us are implanted. Take advantage of the change of season to give your home a new look with spray paint. […]

What is a spray marker and where can it be used? As its name suggests, this product can be used for temporary marking on various surfaces. Thanks to its special capful, it can also be used in industrial work, as the cap can be resealed, so you don’t have to worry about painting anything when […]

How to choose a primer?

September 24, 2020

In order for the painting to work properly, it is essential to properly prepare and clean the surface. Many times, however, we not knowing exactly what primer to use. In this post, we will explain how you can choose the right primer for your project. What surface do we want to paint? First, we need […]

In previous blog posts, we have discussed various types of Pintyplus spray paints. From the all-terrain BASIC, through BASIC metal effect to EVOLUTION, AUTO, HOME. Are you one of those who go to everything and want to go one step further? The day comes when you have to fix the gate that gives access to your […]

Would you like to restore and give new life to your objects with spray paint? You may think, how easy that is to say, but I have no idea, restoration requires technique and knowledge that most people don’t have. What if I told you that there is a type of painting that could transmit that […]

In this post, we will present the classic telephone desk painting project of the English What Hannah did next blog. What you will need when painting the telephone table: Pintyplus EVOLUTION acrylic spray paint Alcoholic cleaner Fine abrasive cloth The first step is to clean the surface properly. In this case, we were lucky, as the table is in […]

  2020 is a year in constant change, very stressful for the vast majority of people who see that we are already in summer, the time of rest par excellence, and it means the proximity of holidays for a good part of society and enjoys a little more of free time. Because the Covid-19 situation […]

Surely we all have an old chest of drawers at home that we no longer know where to place or that no longer fits us with our current decoration. This does not mean that we have to get rid of it, we can give it a new style and with it a second chance. With […]

The mobile phone goes with us almost anywhere and has become vital, and we can also paint it with Pintyplus. Style it to our liking, and therefore it is possible to paint the cover of your mobile and give it the style you want. The cases of the mobiles themselves are deteriorating, they are losing […]