How to renew the knobs of our doors color Gold

One of the elements with the greatest wear in our homes is the knobs or handles of our doors. In this project, we are going to see how to renew our Gold doorknobs from our Pintyplus Evolution WaterBased spray range. One of the novelty colors for this year 2022 that completes one of the widest ranges of colors that we have at Pintyplus
To carry out this project we are going to use  Pintyplus  Evolution  Waterbased  color P153  Gold  or Gold color

What do we need to paint the knobs of our doors Gold color:

• A bottle of  Pintyplus  Evolution Acrylic Water-based spray paint  color P153  Gold
• A screwdriver
• All the knobs that we want to renew

Disassemble and clean the surface and paint

The first thing we will do is remove the screws on both sides to remove the part of the outer knob. It is not necessary to paint the interior parts or the mechanisms. Immediately afterward and before painting, it is essential to clean the surface so that the paint adheres correctly and lasts much longer.
Once the knobs are disassembled, we put them up on a surface that we can paint.

Is it necessary to move the boat before painting?

Yes, it is essential. We will move the pot for 1 minute shaking vigorously so that the components of the paint are mixed and the paint comes out homogeneously. Once this is done we can start painting with strokes that go beyond the object at a distance of about 30 cm.
If we see that nooks and crannies remain uncovered, we can make more passes, but not bring the boat closer than the recommended distance. In this way, we will prevent the paint from falling off and leaving us with an unwanted finish when painting our doorknobs in Gold.

From  Pintyplus we recommend in these projects of objects that are going to be used that you first apply a primer coat, let it dry, then apply a coat of paint and let it dry, and finally apply a coat of varnish. We get messages asking why with use the paint of your project jumps. The main reason is the absence of primer, varnish, or both.

Once the project is finished this is the incredible result.

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