The design of Pintyplus Evolution solvent-based acrylic paint has been renewed. We have always been committed to evolution and innovation, constantly seeking new products and solutions that can meet our customers’ needs. The continuous improvement of the brand is driven by our dedication to providing high-quality products that enhance the lives and experiences of end-users. […]

We will show you how to paint a rusty cube using two Pintyplus products: universal primer and EVOLUTION paint in matte black color. These products are ideal due to their special characteristics. Let’s get started! It’s essential to follow a proper process to achieve the best results. Here are the steps to follow to paint […]

In this blog today, Gisela paints her shelf and shows us how easy it is to change the appearance of any object so that it fits into the environment of her kitchen with metallic water-based paints. For this project, she has decided to use copper color from the Evolution Water-based range. What do we need […]

One of the elements with the greatest wear in our homes is the knobs or handles of our doors. In this project, we are going to see how to renew our Gold doorknobs from our Pintyplus Evolution WaterBased spray range. One of the novelty colors for this year 2022 that completes one of the widest ranges […]

Corten texture or rust effect There are many occasions when we look for a different finish. Whether in a modern or rustic space, the rust or corten effect can be that alternative that gives a different and quality image to our spaces. This effect can be achieved easily with Pintyplus products. There are four products that we […]

Spray paint is an ideal product to carry out jobs with speed, simplicity, and satisfaction. More and more users want to use spray paint for this reason. One of the most widely used spray paints among consumers is gold, silver, and bronze sprays. Why are these types of products so widely circulated? Gold, silver, and […]

Spray paint allows us to quickly and easily decorate the objects that we will deliberately place in our home. Change the color according to the convenience of each moment and the decorative needs that we face in the different spaces of our home, workplace, or others. The colors that we offer from Pintyplus in the […]