Gold, silver, and bronze spray with Pintyplus

Spray paint is an ideal product to carry out jobs with speed, simplicity, and satisfaction. More and more users want to use spray paint for this reason. One of the most widely used spray paints among consumers is gold, silver, and bronze sprays. Why are these types of products so widely circulated?

Gold, silver, and bronze spray with Pintyplus

Undoubtedly, these colors are in such demand for reasons that we could consider historical. The social connotations linked to these colors are known to all. They are synonymous with prosperity, wealth, opulence, and many times with elegance and “class.” That is why spray paint in gold, silver, and copper is so in demand. Because in a simple, economical, and satisfactory way we manage to symbolize these values in our environment, objects, or home.


On what dates are Pintyplus Gold, silver, and bronze used?

In Pintyplus there are several ranges that have these colors. We can find them in Pintyplus Evolution, in Pintyplus Basic, and also in some articles from Pintyplus Tech or Pintyplus Art & Craft.
They are always technologically very successful paints because the research department dedicates many resources to obtaining metallic and metallic spray paints of the highest quality.
They are products that are in great demand for crafts and fine arts activities. In addition, they have their seasons, for example during the Christmas season, when the decoration is dyed in gold and silver to celebrate the holidays and transmit, through these colors, wishes of prosperity for all.

What can I paint with Pintyplus metallic colors spray paint?

There are many objects that are painted in these colors. Sometimes because they were objects that in the past were made of metal, such as vases, flowerpots, buckets, armillas, etc.
At the moment it is very fashionable that the casings of the most used appliances can be in stainless steel color, but also in gold, silver, or bronze, and even in rose gold, a color that made iPhone fashionable. Since our mobile devices, consoles, or tablets come in these colors, it is easy for anyone to want to paint their mobile phone case or the console controller in these colors.

Are metallic spray colors worse than normal colors?

Not much less. In the Pintyplus Evolution range, we find a premium quality metallic and metallic effect acrylic paint. In Pintyplus Basic we find large gold, silver, and bronze paints on a synthetic base.
They have very similar qualities to their solid color counterparts. Ease of use, they dry quickly, adhere to the surface, and resist inclement weather and the passage of time.

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