If you’re a charcoal drawing enthusiast, the Pintyplus ART Range Fixative is simply essential in your toolkit. Have you ever experienced working for hours on a beautiful charcoal drawing, only to realize that it smudges easily? We’ve all been there! But thanks to Pintyplus Fixative, that’s a thing of the past. This spray has been […]

We will show you how to paint a rusty cube using two Pintyplus products: universal primer and EVOLUTION paint in matte black color. These products are ideal due to their special characteristics. Let’s get started! It’s essential to follow a proper process to achieve the best results. Here are the steps to follow to paint […]

has become an essential product for those involved in topography and construction work. This tool, part of the Pintyplus Tech range of technical paints, is perfect for marking points on terrains, whether for measuring, excavation, or identifying pipes and cables. Technical Features: This spray offers great precision in application thanks to its 360º system, allowing […]

It seems like you are discussing the option of changing the color of a wonderful decoration you saw at a bazaar using metallic spray paints from the Evolution range by Pintyplus. Specifically, you mentioned the colors gold and silver. The silver color gives an incredible look that will perfectly complement dark tones, while the gold […]

Not everything is painted; this time we focus on windshield de-icing spray. How many times have we arrived at our car in the morning only to find the windshield frozen, obstructing our visibility? With this spray from the Greenox family by Novasol Spray, we can put an end to this problem. It is an indispensable […]

Creating objects from scratch allows us to express our creativity. For this project, we are going to see how to create a vase from a PVC pipe and spray paint. For this, we will need a few more tools than usual. To start we will use a heat gun. You can find these in any hardware store […]

It is a wonderful color, which is always covered by gold and silver, but the spray brass color has incredible strength for our decorations. In this project, we are going to restore an old sun-shaped ceiling lamp. Over the years it has oxidized and has taken on a texture that makes it special. We are […]

One of the places where we like to do our DIY projects the most is at home. Small projects like this one to paint glass jars with aQua. aQua is a water-based paint from Pintyplus. Pintyplus Aqua spray paint has been created for painting at home. Ideal for painting small objects in confined spaces or with poor ventilation. Water-based paint, […]

Today we are going to tell you how to paint a wooden breadbox with Chalk spray. It is a super easy paint to use and with wonderful tones that will combine perfectly in your kitchen. We have bought a “raw” wooden bread bin and we have decided on tones that harmonize with the simplicity of […]

Today we are going to tell you how to make a handmade key hanger with wood, decorative flowers, and Pintyplus spray paint from the Evolution Water-Based range. What we need for our handmade key hanger The ingredients are the following: Wooden cutout letters with the word Home as many threaded hooks as keys, we want […]