Restoring a decor with spray brass color

It is a wonderful color, which is always covered by gold and silver, but the spray brass color has incredible strength for our decorations. In this project, we are going to restore an old sun-shaped ceiling lamp. Over the years it has oxidized and has taken on a texture that makes it special. We are going to adapt it to be on our wall, providing the brightness and strength of the spray brass color and the oxide texture that gives it personality.

What do we need to paint with brass spray paint from Pintyplus.

The first thing we should know is that we have the Pintyplus brass spray paint in the Evolution range. This range is characterized by its strength, range of colors, and quick drying, being able to be repainted in 5 minutes.

For this project we will need:

  • an object to paint
  • a sandpaper
  • A bottle of Pintyplus Evolution Brass

The first thing we are going to do is sand the object to remove the most obvious rust but without removing the layer that gives the object texture. It is important not to sand excessively so as not to completely polish the surface. Once sanded, the surface must be properly cleaned to avoid leaving impurities that spoil the finish.

It is very important to shake the can spray for one minute so that the components mix well and the paint has all its qualities.

You have to make fine and constant passes to create layers with the product. Looking for an immediate finish will lead us to excess paint. It is best to give several passes so that the paint is much more uniform. The drying time in a normal climate is 5 minutes, if it is cold or humid this time has to be extended.

TRICK: Respecting the drying times provides better but above all more resistant finishes.

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