Painting glass jars with Pinyplus aQua

One of the places where we like to do our DIY projects the most is at home. Small projects like this one to paint glass jars with aQua.

aQua is a water-based paint from Pintyplus. Pintyplus Aqua spray paint has been created for painting at home. Ideal for painting small objects in confined spaces or with poor ventilation. Water-based paint, low pressure, and matte colors. It doesn’t smell. Excellent adhesion and coverage.

This water-based paint is created so that painting becomes a common thing at home. Its applications are endless, although we could think of decorating small objects, handicrafts, fine arts or scrapbooking,  among others. It is suitable for painting paper, cardboard, wood, stone, cement, plaster, metal,  expanded polystyrene  -porex- and even inflatable balloons.

It has an incredible number of matte colors and since it is water-based, after applying a layer, you have 15 minutes to clean the object with water and start over.

How to paint glass jars with aqua

It’s super easy, choose the color you like best and keep a distance of about 10 cm from the object. You will see that it is very easy to use and due to its composition, it is a spray paint that we can use indoors.

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