How to make a vase from a PVC pipe and spray paint

Creating objects from scratch allows us to express our creativity. For this project, we are going to see how to create a vase from a PVC pipe and spray paint. For this, we will need a few more tools than usual. To start we will use a heat gun. You can find these in any hardware store and they will surely serve you for many more projects.

Create a vase from a PVC pipe and spray paint

As we mentioned, what we are going to need is:

The first thing we are going to do is clean the surface with alcohol so that the paint adheres better. Once dry with the heat gun, we will heat the surface until we can shape it to our liking in order to give it a more organic finish.

The next thing is to paint. First, we used a black base, and once dry we have given it color gradients with a Gold finish. We have sought to play with the effect of black as a shadow and gold to provide light. Any metallic color can work for us.

Pintyplus Evolution is perfect for painting surfaces that require quick drying and thus being able to apply more layers.

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