The design of the solvent-based acrylic Evolution paint can has been renovated.

The design of Pintyplus Evolution solvent-based acrylic paint has been renewed. We have always been committed to evolution and innovation, constantly seeking new products and solutions that can meet our customers’ needs. The continuous improvement of the brand is driven by our dedication to providing high-quality products that enhance the lives and experiences of end-users. This commitment has played a key role in establishing us as a market leader in spray paint nationwide.

In 2023, we are thrilled to unveil the new design of the Pintyplus Evolution range, our acrylic spray paint. We have put in extensive efforts to create a more modern and visually appealing can that is easily recognizable and enhances the user experience at the point of sale. The revamped design of Evolution spray paint is the outcome of meticulous market research to ensure its attractiveness and functionality.

The renewed design of Pintyplus Evolution solvent-based acrylic paint has been implemented across our entire product line, providing a unified and consistent image for all Evolution products. Beyond being a mere aesthetic change, this enhancement has also improved the product’s efficiency and user-friendliness. It represents a significant advancement in the quality of our offerings.

In 2023, we look forward to our customers enjoying the new and improved experience with our Evolution spray paint. Discover the difference our renewed design can make in your creative projects!

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