The design of Pintyplus Evolution solvent-based acrylic paint has been renewed. We have always been committed to evolution and innovation, constantly seeking new products and solutions that can meet our customers’ needs. The continuous improvement of the brand is driven by our dedication to providing high-quality products that enhance the lives and experiences of end-users. […]

Today, we’re going to learn how to paint and age using Chalk spray on a wooden decoration or a furniture piece for our dining room. The technique will be the same, but we’ll be working on a larger surface. Here’s what we’ll need for painting and aging with Chalk spray: The object to be painted: […]

Pintyplus Tech Sealer Spray Pintyplus Tech sealer in spray is a rubber-based paint specially developed to seal and waterproof cracks, crevices, and leaks appearing on any support or material: metal, aluminum, PVC, masonry, brick, siding, fiberglass, windows, rain gutters, non-pressurized pipes, roofing felt and similar. It is easy to use, dries quickly, and can be repainted […]

The bumper spray paint is a special paint indicated to be applied on exposed plastic parts of cars. 2 in 1 product: long-lasting primer and final finish paint. Types of bumper spray paints Smooth bumper spray paint: uniform matt coating which leaves a smooth surface free from rough particles. Textured bumper spray paint: with microspheres that provide […]

Pintyplus BASIC spray paint Quick-dry alkyd enamel spray paint with a high resistance outdoors and excellent adherence to a large range of materials. Applications for the Pintyplus Basic spray paint Pintyplus Basic, the spray paint that paints everything. It adheres very well to any surface, has great flexibility once dry and it’s very resistant outdoors. It is […]

The PintyPlus HOME future water-based paint spray, which is now available. It is the latest generation of water-based enamel paint spray developed specifically for home use. Why Home? The name of the product is called HOME because it can be used for any home painting purpose. Thanks to its water-based formula, it is almost completely […]

In this post, we look at the different types of varnish we sell and explain why you might choose to finish your piece with them and which will work best. Pintyplus make matt, satin, and gloss varnishes all of which are clear and don’t yellow. They are easy to apply and provide a protective topcoat […]

We have designed a 100% isopropyl alcohol spray for this moment in which it’s very important to take care of the cleanliness of the objects. Pintyplus surface cleaner dries between 30 and 60 seconds, removing dirt and other elements comfortably and easily. Unlike other similar products on the market, Pintyplus surface cleaner does not contain […]

These days we are experiencing an unprecedented situation. It is not a matter of downplaying it since health is a serious issue, but it is about looking for practical alternatives. #stayathome with Pintyplus spray paint is one of those options so that our time at home is of quality. And by the way, do those […]

The paint and printing inks sector, like so many other products, is regulated by regulations that establish a series of rules for those who sell these products. In Pintyplus, as manufacturers and distributors of the sector, we have thought it interesting to explain the most important points about the regulations governing the sale of spray […]

There are many occasions in which we highlight the water-based formulations for our paints Pintyplus HOME. But what do we mean when we talk about water-based paints? We believe that the differences with other paints are important, and that is why we will explain in what consists of these types of formulations. The water-based spray […]

The Pintyplus family grows with Pintyplus Home, the most anticipated spray paint in decoration, a spray paint specially designed so you can paint all the objects in your home, doesn’t stain and doesn’t smell. Property: Total coverage. Maximum respect towards the people and the environment. Low odor during and after applying the paint, almost imperceptible. The […]