Regulations governing the online sale of spray paint

The paint and printing inks sector, like so many other products, is regulated by regulations that establish a series of rules for those who sell these products. In Pintyplus, as manufacturers and distributors of the sector, we have thought it interesting to explain the most important points about the regulations governing the sale of spray paint.

The ASEFAPI, Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Paints and Printing Inks, is responsible for ensuring the interests of both manufacturers and consumers. They are responsible for establishing regulations that regulate good practices, and also for updating the knowledge of professionals in the paint sector.

This Spanish association has been working for more than four decades to improve the sector of paints and printing inks. By claiming the importance of this industry within the Spanish economic landscape, we all win, both producers of spray paint, as printer inks, or any other paint product that must meet minimum standards.


What do you need to know to buy paint online?

As a consumer, you have the right to demand certain information or basic rules. The law covers cases where these minimums standards are not met, so it can be denounced when a sale has not been carried out within regulated channels. When you go to buy paint online, the following information should be well detailed:

  • Address and contact details of the company.
  • Product characteristics
  • The total price of each spray can.
  • Purchase conditions, payment procedure, and delivery date.
  • Additional transportation expenses or any other.
  • Conditions of transport and delivery.
  • Withdrawal form, when this right exists.
  • If there is any type of contract or commitment, it must be known prior to purchase.

In the case of Pintyplus, most of our spray cans are marketed at physical outlets (Very Much stores, bazaars, department stores, DIY stores, and crafts …), but we also serve other suppliers who wish to market spray paint online sale.

What should I do if I am a distributor or seller of inks, paints or paint spray?

There are more important regulations, if possible than to inform customers of product details. This is the case in these two cases: the data protection law, and the commercialization of product chemicals. Regarding data protection, the LOPD applies to all companies and is general for all businesses and services. It can lead to high fines in the case of non-compliance.

In the case of product chemicals, they are subject to the scope of the European CLP regulation and must be properly labeled. At Pintyplus we try to make our spray cans as environmentally friendly as possible. Spray cans for cars, metal surfaces or the Greenox line contain chemicals that require compliance with certain safety, storage, and recycling rules.

Products considered dangerous goods for transport, according to the regulations of IATA, ADR, IMDG, RID, must meet these legal requirements: correct packaging, marking and labeling. If this is the case, a signed declaration from the sender for Dangerous Goods must accompany the shipment.

What type of products can we manufacture?

Any chemical product that is not considered cosmetic, pharmaceutical or biocidal.


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