Pintyplus Home, doesn’t stain and doesn’t smell.

The Pintyplus family grows with Pintyplus Home, the most anticipated spray paint in decoration, a spray paint specially designed so you can paint all the objects in your home, doesn’t stain and doesn’t smell.


  • Total coverage.
  • Maximum respect towards the people and the environment. Low odor during and after applying the paint, almost imperceptible.
  • The election of the color range is aligned with the present and future tendencies of the world of interior decoration.


With Pintyplus HOME you can create the current environment, inside and outside your home. The spray paint Pintyplus Home has been specifically created to paint all the objects from your house. Sections of walls, gates, doors and windows even furniture and decorative objects. Suitable for all the surfaces. Formulated with water-based resins, low odor, pleasant and easy to use with no runs. It is cost-effective: covers up to 3m². You can remove the paint in the first minutes before it starts drying. No more stains besides the desired painted object. 

The result? New spray paint to create an illusion in your home. An easy and convenient way to paint, interior design, and new trends in decoration. Because all the colors of the Pintyplus HOME letter combine with each other.

Where to apply the spray paint Pintyplus HOME:

Spray paint especially created so the process of painting can become something usual in your house. It’s applications are almost infinite, mentioning objects of medium size like sections of walls, doors, windows and as well as common pieces of furniture like  cabinets, sideboards, cupboards, headboards, tables or chairs; decorative objects of all type like clay figures, frames, vases or even textiles such as small carpets or decorative pillows. 


In Spain, we were the first to formulate a water-based spray paint, and with HOME we have done it again to bet on a more environmentally spray. With Pintyplus HOME you can paint in a personalized way. To do this, we offer three buttons so you can apply the spray easily and effectively on any type or size of the surface.

  • With the yellow button, you will have greater control of the spray, drawers, bedside tables, shelves … Ideal for painting small objects, giving the user a totally accurate experience.
  • The white button is the standard and is designed to paint medium or large objects, chairs, side tables, bookcase furniture.
  • The red button is designed for large surfaces. A recommended way of painting for doors, wall sections or very large furniture.

The great professionals of design, interior design, and new trends have added to the creation of Pintyplus HOME.