What is the spray paint waterbased?

There are many occasions in which we highlight the water-based formulations for our paints Pintyplus HOME. But what do we mean when we talk about water-based paints? We believe that the differences with other paints are important, and that is why we will explain in what consists of these types of formulations.

The water-based spray paints have meant an important step in the use of the spray paints, both for its technical characteristics and its composition. It is an evolved step, more environmentally friendly, so these types of water-based paints are what will mark the future of interior decoration. In this sense, it has been a revolutionary product.

Water-based paints, more environmentally friendly 

Aerosols have a chemical composition that, as we know, has an environmental impact. It consists of pressurized gas in an aluminum container, and when the nozzle is pressed, during spraying, primary emissions and other secondary emissions are released into the atmosphere, which is what causes the chemical reaction of the particles in the atmosphere. Its permanence is between several days and weeks.

The technological evolution of the aerosol is aimed at new formulas with less chemical and ecological impact generated by the inhalation of particles during and after use. The water-based paint spray is a breakthrough since it is a solvent-free paint with a lower impact, not only environmental but also for the users themselves. What are its main advantages?

  • Very low smell during spraying and once dry has no odor.
  • It generates a minimum overspray of dust and gases.
  •  It doesn’t stain further than the object that is being painted.
  • Fast-drying.
  • It takes care of the health of the users due to its low toxicity.

These main features make this spray paint one of the most suitable for interior decoration, where the spaces are smaller and a cleaner type of product is required. it is especially useful for working in poorly ventilated spaces, where no smell remains impregnated and its inhalation is not toxic like solvent-based spray paint and its composition.

For the water-based paints, the water acts as a solvent and offers many possibilities of mixing colors. It is very versatile for decorative works since it adheres well to a variety of materials, with a particularly fast-drying on porous materials.


Pintyplus was a pioneer in launching a water-based spray paint

Pintyplus has been manufacturing spray paint since 1981 and its philosophy has always been to innovate according to the needs of its users and the fashions of the market. That is why, its R&D team is continually researching new formulas to refine its existing products, launch new paint lines and expand its color chart.

Our sprays have evolved along with market demand, materials and uses for painting both indoors and outdoors. As a result of this need, we were the first to launch a line of spray-based spray paints, a novel product in Spain. Our range of water-based sprays began with Pintyplus AQUA to paint small objects in tight spaces and has continued to expand with the newest Pintyplus HOME, designed to decorate both interior and exterior elements.

Also is available the Varnish water-based Pintyplus ART from the Art&Craft range in gloss, satin and matt finish and it has a very low odor. The AQUA range is also sold in 150ml size cans while the Pintyplus HOME color sprays and the colorless varnish is presented in 400ml size cans.

One of our mottos is to work thinking to provide maximum respect towards the persons and the environment.  We are convinced that the water-based spray paints will be the most used paint in the future to decorate any kind of object for any space thanks to its versatility, its possibilities, and its lower environmental impact by being free of harmful solvents.