The aging effect with Chalk Spray

Today, we’re going to learn how to paint and age using Chalk spray on a wooden decoration or a furniture piece for our dining room. The technique will be the same, but we’ll be working on a larger surface.

Here’s what we’ll need for painting and aging with Chalk spray:

  1. The object to be painted: It can be a wooden decoration or a furniture piece for your dining room.
  2. Chalk spray paint: In this case, we’ll be using an off-white Chalk spray paint. Choose the color that suits your desired look.

In addition to these materials, it’s also advisable to have some additional items on hand:

  • Medium and fine-grit sandpaper: To gently sand the surface and prepare it for painting, as well as to distress it later if we want an aged effect.
  • Soft cloth or cleaning cloth: To remove dust and ensure the surface is clean before painting.


First, we paint the surface, covering it entirely. We let it dry thoroughly to be able to scrape the paint smoothly. Once it’s dry, we only need to scrape the edges and some points on different faces of the item to achieve an aged effect.

TIP: It’s essential to respect the drying times and even wait a bit longer before using the product or applying new layers.

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