#stayathome with Pintyplus

These days we are experiencing an unprecedented situation. It is not a matter of downplaying it since health is a serious issue, but it is about looking for practical alternatives. #stayathome with Pintyplus spray paint is one of those options so that our time at home is of quality. And by the way, do those things that never reach us 24 hours a day.

And since we have to see the positive side of the whole thing, we have to take it as an occasion to do all those pending tasks. Yes, those of which we always say: “when I have time I will do …”. Staying at home allows you to have the necessary recollection so as not to distract yourself or leave it for tomorrow. Because … where do you have to go today? Yes, we know: stay at home.

Don’t panic! We give you ideas so that you not only stay at home but also enjoy it. You may even lack hours to do all the things you want to do to fill the hours. Some even engage in these tasks to pass the time. Pintyplusers word.

The list of “must to” or “should” of quarantine

Ideas of things to do (believe us, it is a universal list of pending tasks), for example:

  • Sort computer files into folders, make backup copies and delete unnecessary files. And clean our email tray!
  • Create a portfolio, improve our personal website and update profiles and content on our social networks.

In case you have a good terrace, garage or garden, it is time to paint the bicycle and paint parts of the car with spray cans for metal or plastic. But the vast majority of us live on floors, so in these cases, it is best to paint all those surfaces and materials where you can use water spray paint from the Pintyplus HOME, AQUA, CHALK and ART line of paints.

The #stayhome painting list:

Now, to facilitate your creativity, Pintyplus is closer than ever during these days at home. We offer you discounts on online purchases with #stayathome and from our Instagram channel @pintyplus_oficial we will be launching live shows with ideas and tutorials from our pintyplusers of all this and more:

Pintyplus HOME water spray paint is indicated for all types of surfaces: metal, wood, glass, paper, cloth, metal, methacrylate … It’s ideal for working at home due to its water composition (low toxicity, doesn’t smell or stain). It’s so limitless in crafts and furniture and object recycling work, that if we had to advise a distraction to take home in this quarantine, we would recommend some Pintyplus HOME spray cans. The book to take to a desert island is already very much used. In addition, now you have a discount if you buy Pintyplus spray paint online with the code #yomequedoencasa!

We have told you in our tutorials and articles about a lot of examples to paint furniture with a vintage finish by applying the paint to the Pintyplus CHALK spray chalk or transforming a room giving it a shabby chic style with the soft colors of the water-based paint HOME.

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