How to recycle a ball of the world in a lamp

Do you have any earth globe at home that the students used? If so, today we show you how to recycle a ball of the world in an original lamp. Don’t miss this practical step by step because you will love it.

Surely you still keep an old ball of the world at home. With the changes that have taken place in recent years, it is probably outdated. If so, don’t throw it away, this tutorial will show how you can recycle a ball from the world to turn it into a lamp for a children’s room, as Cristina de Created by Krispis has done.

Materials to recycle a ball of the world in a lamp:

  • Chalk finish spray paint Pintyplus pale turquoise, turquoise, broken white and mustard.
  • Pintyplus varnish in spray for chalk paint.
  • Primer spray for plastic Pintyplus (recommended).
  • Cleaning alcohol.
  • Texts and decorations made of wood or cardboard.
  • Wool or rope.
  • Adhesive.


Step by step to convert a globe into a lamp:

The steps that must be followed are the following:

1º.- Painting the globe

1. First the ball is unscrewed and the plastic is detached with the drawing of the maps.

2. The entire surface is wiped with a cloth and alcohol.

3. the ball should be fixed by placing it on some support and apply pale paint spray color turquoise. Previously remember that you should shake the paint pot one minute since the balls are heard so that all the components are mixed well.

4. Keep a distance of about 20/30 cm and apply thin layers to cover the entire surface. This will prevent the paint from dripping.


2º.- Paint the base:

The base will be painted with turquoise spray chalk paint following the same procedure as with the ball. The lateral arch that holds the balloon will be painted with broken white chalk paint.


3º.- Decorate the globe:

Once the paint has dried, decorate the balloon with labels or cardboard figures made with a stamping machine or a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo. If you don’t have a stamping machine, you can print the template you prefer and cut it with scissors.

In this particular project, a text has been used with the words “sweet dreams”, clouds and stars that are ideal for decorating a children’s room. At the time of decorating they have been painted combining broken white spray paint and mustard.



Finally, all the pieces are assembled and the mold is fixed to the balloon with adhesive.


4º.- Protect the painting:

After one hour and all the paint is dry, apply a Pintyplus water-based spray varnish. This varnish is special for chalk paint. It’s applied in the same way as paint and provides a perfect finished finish.

It will also prevent the paint from getting stained since chalk paint is porous paint. Finally, it will help to improve the fixation.

Primer on plastic:

Although the adhesion of our chalk paint is very good on almost any surface, it is recommended to use a primer for plastics on this type of material. In this way, a much more durable finish will be achieved.

In the video tutorial you can see an example of how to apply this type of primer before painting with chalk paint:

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Pintypluser: Created by Krispies.