How to renew your old doors with Pintyplus spray

It`s Monday and you arrive home. A month ago you are on vacation, but today the routine is a reality from which you want to escape. You open the door: the landing. Another door: the sink. Another door: the living room. You go out and you go in! And you look at the doors, are looking different! Obviously, you will not change them for new ones. But, what you don’t know, is that it’s very easy to renew your doors with Pintyplus spray.

In a simple step by step, we will teach how to transform your old doors into new ones. Do you want to see it?

Materials for painting a door:

First, you have to protect and delimit the area to be painted with news paper and masking tape.

You must consider that the spray creates a small dust cloud. That why it`s very important for the newspaper to cover a large part of the surface from the nearby whre you are painting. We are going to show you the details of this door:

As will can see, they were full of marks and scratches:

For this DIY we have chosen four white sprays and 2 varnishes. In the following image you will see the references in the case if you are interested in the exact colors:

Remember that before painting protect yourself with a mask and latex gloves. You must paint a layer of white spray on the entire surface in small horizontal and vertical pulverizations from about 25 cm from the door’s surface. After drying, add a layer of varnish.

The result is fast and spectacular! Just looking like new doors!

If you want to transform the door handles to look as new, we give you an idea: take blue forge epoxy paint pintyplus and paint them.

We can’t give you back the holidays, but we can help to fill your house with colors, or, in this case, leave your accessories awesomely clean. If you have followed our steps, you have surely achieved them: renewed your doors with Pintyplus spray.

Pintypluser: Mami Crafter