How to imitate rust effect paint with Pintyplus spray

Corten texture or rust effect

There are many occasions when we look for a different finish. Whether in a modern or rustic space, the rust or corten effect can be that alternative that gives a different and quality image to our spaces.
This effect can be achieved easily with Pintyplus products. There are four products that we are going to use to achieve not only the color but also the finish and texture of this effect. Let us begin.

Materials needed for the corten texture or rust effect.

These are the four necessary Pintyplus products

  • Pintyplus Tech primer and forge spray paint
  • ACRYLIC spray paint Pintyplus Evolution RAL 2004 PURE ORANGE
  • ACRYLIC spray paint Pintyplus Evolution RAL 8011 NUT BROWN
  • Acrylic Spray Pintyplus Evolution matte varnish

We will also need the object to paint.

Steps to follow

It is very important to follow the steps in order and with the specified distances.

First, we will give a layer with the primer and forge paint. As its name indicates, it will serve as a primer, giving us a greater grip and textured paint.

Once dry, we will apply a layer of the RAL 8011 NUT BROWN color but with a distance of 40 cm to leave only small dots on the surface, preserving part of the black and its texture.

To finish, we will apply a much softer layer of RAL 2004 PURE ORANGE color with a distance of 50 cm to give a finish of orange dots that will give our rust effect a realistic appearance.

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