Gisela paints her bookshelf with water-based copper color

In this blog today, Gisela paints her shelf and shows us how easy it is to change the appearance of any object so that it fits into the environment of her kitchen with metallic water-based paints. For this project, she has decided to use copper color from the Evolution Water-based range.

What do we need to paint the copper-colored shelf?

For this project, Gisela is only going to need a pot of copper-colored paint from the Evolution Water-based Range. We recently told you about the incorporation of metallic colors into this range of Pintyplus.

A metal shelf or any other material since being water-based is multi-surface.

Gisela paints her bookshelf with copper color

The process has been very easy as it is a new shelf that did not require sanding or cleaning. Keeping the spray about 30 cm from the object, we apply multiple passes to achieve an impeccable finish.

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