How to renew the color of appliances

In this vlog, I want to present you with a painting and explain how to renew the color of appliances that over the years either lose their color or turn yellow.

How to renew the color of appliances

Pintyplus makes it very easy. It has a range of technical products, including stainless steel spray paint for household appliances and white spray paint for household appliances.


The first thing we have to do is choose the color with which we want to paint our appliance. We can respect the base color or we can also change it so that it fits better with other new appliances. Once the color is decided, we will go on to clean the appliance as best as possible. It is important that there are no traces of fat on the surface. Grease is very present in all kitchens and creates a film that can prevent the paint from adhering correctly. We recommend using Spray alcohol for surface cleaning, which allows us to clean any surface in our domestic or professional environment. It also removes dirt from delicate elements such as electronic, magnetic, and optical components…

Once ready we start with the painting. Shake can vigorously for 1 minute after mixing balls rattle. Spray at a distance of 25/30 cm. applying thin and fast coats, first horizontally and then vertically. It is advisable to give two thin coats and not one thick coat to achieve uniform coverage and avoid sagging. Once the operation is finished, invert the bottle and press until only gas comes out to clean the button.

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