A wooden stool with color

There are many things that are a trend and this helps us to have access to decorative objects that, are in many more places and more affordable. But it is also common that we all end up in our homes with the same decorative objects as our neighbors. This is what has happened to us with our wooden stool.

From Pintyplus we are going to give you a color idea for the wooden furniture or objects that we have all assembled in our homes. We will apply color before assembly so that they have a perfect finish. For this, we are going to use Pintyplus Evolution.

A wooden stool with Pintyplus Evolution.

For this project, we will need the following materials.

1. Pintyplus Evolution Ral 7032 Pebble Grey
2. Pintyplus Evolution Ral 9005 Matt Jet Black
3. Pintyplus Evolution M199 Matt Varnish
4. An auxiliary wooden stool (we have bought it from a well-known furniture brand)

How to paint the stool

The first thing we are going to do is separate the pieces that we are going to paint with each color. We have decided to paint the structure with the color Ral 7032 Pebble Grey and the steps with the color Ral 9005 Matt Jet Black. This paint has a spectacular coverage and as it is treated wood, applying a single coat will be enough to make it perfect.

Tip: If your wood is more porous and you don’t want to apply meaningless coats of paint, the best thing you can do is apply a coat of primer. This acts as a sealant for the pores, which will allow you to save paint.

Once we have painted the structure, we will let it dry and proceed to paint the steps with matt jet black. You will see that it covers perfectly and the result is impressive.
As soon as it is painted we will leave it dry. As it is an element that is going to have a lot of use and friction, we will give it a coat of varnish to make it much more resistant to use. You can apply this coat once the stool is assembled.

This is the result!!

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