Metallic water-based spray finishes

One of the most sought-after finishes, when we paint, is the color gold, silver, and copper spray. At Pintyplus we go one step further and have developed water-based spray metallic finishes. An easy-to-use paint that hardly smells and last but perhaps most importantly: it is a multi-surface paint that allows us to paint even those most delicate surfaces that are prohibited to other paints.

Metallic water-based spray finishes

Among its multiple characteristics after a few months of use, one of the virtues of this paint is its resistance once it is fixed on the object and we let the drying time pass. Shock and handling resistant, above other paints on the market.



As you can see on real objects the finish is impressive. Brilliant colors, true to the color they represent with a fully metallic finish. And most importantly, it is water-based spray paint with metallic finishes from the Pintyplus Evolution range.

WATER BASED ACRYLIC spray paint Pintyplus Evolution

The Pintyplus Evolution Water-Based acrylic spray paint has been specially designed for users looking for more environmentally friendly spray paint. It is a product with ease and comfort of use. It does not smell as it does not use aggressive solvents and allows a  smooth and uniform finish to be achieved. It has great adherence and resistance to the passage of time and to inclement weather. It is a bright RAL solid color spray paint suitable for painting any material, including the most delicate ones.

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