We refurbished a bicycle to decorate the garden.

With spray paint, we reach many more places much more easily. The angles of a bicycle are an example. We refurbished a bicycle to decorate the garden. We are going to change the color of an old touring bike, which is going to have a vintage look. It will surely decorate our garden for our parties and events.

  • A can of Pintyplus HOME of the color that we like the most for the bicycle.
  • An old touring bike

Clean the surface

Before painting any surface it is very important that it is completely clean. For this, we can use cloth and alcohol. We will make sure that there is no residue left on the surface that could cause imperfections when we paint. If you need surface cleaning alcohol, this is your spray product.

We recondition a bicycle

Once the surface or surfaces are clean, the next step will be to paint those parts that we want to keep in color and protect those that we want to keep in their original metallic tone. For this, we will use tape, which we will apply with precision in the areas to be protected. In large objects such as a bicycle, it is advisable to use a gun that adapts to the boat to facilitate the painting process.

How to use the spray paint water-based Pintyplus Home

The water-based spray paint Pintyplus Home is extremely easy to use. Always recommend before painting to clean the surface, to be dry and free of any contaminants, especially avoiding oils, greases and silicones because will repel the layer of paint. We recommend testing the paint in a small area to see if a previous layer of primer is needed. 

1. Shake the spray vigorously for about 30 seconds after hearing the balls sound. Strongly recommended to test before painting on a piece of paper and measure the proper spray distance. Each job may require a different distance depending on the object you are going to paint. The larger the surface to be painted is, the more we need to increase the distance of spraying from the object. Likewise, the recommended distance is about 15-20 cm.

2. Paint cross-cross layers. Meaning that you need to paint from the top to bottom and then from one side to the other side in order to perfectly cover the entire surface. Sometimes it’s not necessary if you have adequate control of the spray. This paint covers a lot and facilitates its use.

3. Invert the spray cans upside-down and press the nozzle until only gas comes out once finished the process of painting is. In this way, we will clean the paint circuit and prevent it from clogging to be able to use it on future occasions.

4. Can be removed with soap and water in the first 15 minutes (before it dries) in the case was stained by an object accidentally.

In the images, you can see that the result is impeccable!

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