Renew your barbecue with Pintyplus anti-heat spray paint

Over time the barbecue deteriorates and needs maintenance to remain perfect for use. From Pintyplus we make you a proposal: Renew your barbecue with anti-heat spray paint

To do this you must use paint with high anti-caloric power. The paint must be applied in those areas that are not directly in contact with the flame. In this case, we have decided to paint the barbecue black for the base and silver for the lid.

Renew your barbecue with spray paint

For this project, we are going to use Heat-resistant Pintyplus Tech Paint in two different colors, Satin Silver A150 and Matte Black A104.

What do we need for this project?

Clean the surface and paint

First, before painting, it is essential to clean the surface. In this case, it is even more important as it is metal with many ash residues that can be detached.

Secondly, once all the surfaces of the barbecue are clean, we can start painting. The first thing we do is mask one of the two covers since they cannot be separated, in this way we will not mix the black color with the silver color. It is advisable to apply the paint in a ventilated space, in long strokes that go beyond the product we are painting and at a distance of about 25 or 30 cm. If you need a second layer, we can do it after 30 minutes of the first. The total drying of the piece concludes after one hour.

The result is magnificent, it is a high-resistance paint that withstands up to 600 °C.


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