How to paint our vintage toaster

We all like the vintage finishes of some appliances for our kitchen, but it is not always easy to access the one that fits in ours, either because of the price or because we like the one we have, but we miss that vintage touch. In this new Pintyplus project, we are going to give that touch and we are going to paint our Vintage toaster. With the change of look that we are going to give it, it will fit perfectly in our kitchen. As we like light colors we are going to use the RAL1015 that we like so much and that we have already used in other projects. This color as well as the primer and varnish are from the Evolution Water-based range by Pintyplus.

What we need to paint our Vintage toaster:

• One bottle of Pintyplus Evolution Water-based White primer

• One bottle of Pintyplus Evolution Water-based White primer

• One bottle of Pintyplus Evolution Water-based RAL1015 Light Ivory

• A toaster for customization

•Masking tape

Clean the surface to be painted

The first thing we will do is clean the surfaces to be painted. We choose the ones we want to paint and in no case should they be in contact with the resistance or get hot.
Then we will use the tape to protect all those areas that we do not want to be painted. It is important to be precise so that the finish is impeccable. It is also important not to remove this tape until the drying process has passed to prevent the still wet paint from falling off.

Is it necessary to move the boat before painting?

Yes, it is essential. We will move the pot for 1 minute shaking vigorously so that the components of the paint are mixed and the paint comes out homogeneously. Once this is done we can start painting with strokes that go beyond the object at a distance of about 30 cm.
If we see that there are nooks and crannies left uncovered, we can make more passes, but not bring the boat closer than the recommended distance. In this way, we will prevent the paint from falling off and leaving us with an unwanted finish when painting the sides of the toaster.

From Pintyplus we recommend in these projects of objects that are going to be used that you first apply a primer coat, let it dry, then apply a coat of paint and let it dry, and finally apply a coat of varnish. In the case of objects that have been used, the primer and varnish are very important to avoid rapid wear due to use.

This is the amazing look of our Vintage Toaster. Dare and paint, it’s very easy.

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