Chalk Finish Spray Paint or Chalk Paint

Pintyplus chalk finish spray paint, also known as chalk paint, is spray paint used in the setting of vintage or shabby chic decoration. It has a silky-looking matte finish in a wide range of pastel shades.

Chalk Finish Spray Paint

Pintyplus chalk paint allows you to decorate different surfaces to give them an old or vintage look regardless of their shape. The spray format allows you to reach where the brush does not reach very quickly and economically. It also avoids brush marks and allows you to make gradients very easily.

Another of its qualities is that this spray paint is formulated based on water, which allows it to be removed within the first 15 minutes of water. It also makes it perfect for certain surfaces that will not resist a paint that is not water-based.

It dries to the touch within the first 10-20 minutes, which makes it very practical for projects where we must apply various colors by manipulating the object. From small objects like a jewelry box to dining room furniture that we want to restore or change its look to something more vintage.

The wide range of colors carefully selected by Pintyplus includes 19 colours, two of them, lavender, incorporated at the beginning of the year to complete an increasingly wide range.

Technical characteristics

400ml format.
Yield = 2 m2.
Touch dry 10-20 minutes, total 1 hour.
Repainted with the same paint: 1 hour.
Repainted with another paint: 24 hours.


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