Would you like to know how to paint a bike to personalize it and make it unique? This tutorial will show you step by step how to spray paint a children’s bicycle to transform it into a superhero bike. Your children will want equal. Steffi from the Youtube channel Steffido wanted to transform the bike […]

Among other things, the spray is used to renew old objects that have lost their beauty. More now, it’s so fashionable to buy second-hand items and rehabilitate them. Today we will show you how to renew a mirror with Pintyplus Evolution Rose Gold spray paint. This mirror was bought on a second-hand website and is […]

If you want to have a nice memory of the images that you like, don’t miss this step by step. We teach you to step by step how to make a mini album with photos decorated with spray paint. Social networks appear and disappear, but memories on paper endure over time. For this reason, Cristina […]

The date arrives and you don’t know what to give. Oh no! And you think, as always, in making an original gift. Give experiences? Give a star? I give a dog? No, better something is done by me. But why have not you done it before? By the time, by desire, by not having an […]

If you have a wall with portraits or pictures you can add a craft that may be perfect to “highlight” the message you want. Imagine a phrase or word that inspires and imagines a color. Step by step how to make an inscription with raised letters on a canvas with adhesive and spray paint. Materials […]

Introduction: At Pintyplus we are spray paint manufacturers. We have always thought about our craft as something more than a job. Painting gives us the possibility of changing our environment and adapting it to our taste through color. The social actions of #pintyplushelps always point in this direction: make the environments of the most disadvantaged […]

The Rose Gold is an elegant, sober and precise color that will serve you to decorate with pleasure a diversity of objects. Rose Gold spray paint has been developed in the Evolution family of Pintyplus. Here we will teach how to build and decorate a cake pie with the Pintyplus Evolution Rose Gold spray. Materials: […]

Those who have had small children at home will have a lot of toys that have been forgotten in a closet or box full. The best thing is to give them to someone who needs them, but if you are creative, we give you another possibility: transform a stackable toy tower into a decorative object […]

With spray paint, you can do many things. Today we will show you how to make a blackboard in 3 steps with Pintyplus spray. In addition, we decorate it with construction pieces to give it a great look. The slate paint spray is a black and matte finish. It allows to trace with chalk and […]

In this post, we are going to make a nice and personal decorative object hanging type. For this, Judy Scrap has used her son’s photo showing us that you can do very personal things with Pintyplus sprays. Therefore, the goal is going to be that: make a DIY: personalized decorative pendant. Materials: Small frame for […]

Spray painting is a tool that optimizes time and the process of painting. It’s perfect for small items. And spray paint Evolution of Pintyplus is the best in the market because it is very easy to use, ensures a professional and dry result in short time. That’s why we used to teach you how to […]

There is no doubt that the painting chalk paint is fashionable when renewing your decor. If you have not yet tried, do not miss this video tutorial for painting on wood with chalk and spray paint on a layup decorative tiles. The chalk paint spray differs from other paints that include calcium carbonate among its […]