How to renew a chest of drawers with Chalk Paint Spray Finish

Do you have an old chest of drawers that you know you should change but you still don’t know how? With Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint you will renovate your furniture in a quick, easy, and fun way. For you to learn how to do it, we show you this tutorial and video step by step.

In every house, there is a piece of furniture that still works but has a look that is no longer fashionable or has simply deteriorated. Spray paint is one of the tools that you can find very close to you that serves to turn this situation around.

We have decided to use two colors of our Chalk Paint Finish Spray to renew the chest of drawers that has been left like this:

Materials needed to paint furniture with Chalk Paint Spray paint

  • Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint light lavender
  • Pintyplus Chalk Finish Spray Paint turquoise
  • sandpaper

Step 1: disassemble the furniture and sand the wood

First of all, we are going to proceed to clean the surface, which is something that we always recommend doing. Why? Basically, it is essential to remove all kinds of dirt from the surface on which we are going to work.

To be able to do all this comfortably, we are going to disassemble the chest of drawers, extracting the drawers from the base of the furniture.

After cleaning with alcohol and a chamois or similar, we will proceed to sand the surface. We are going to do it with fine sandpaper because our objective is superficial:

  • Remove paint residue
  • Remove varnish from the surface
  • level out impurities

Imagine, after doing this process, that the surface you are going to paint on is perfect. Before it was not, this means that the painting was going to encounter obstacles to be perfect. But now, after we’ve done the sanding, it’s absolutely smooth, open-pored, and ready to receive paint.

Step 2 paint with a contrasting color chalk paint

Painting with Pintyplus Chalk Paint Finish Spray is very simple because its technical characteristics are extraordinary:

  • It has a very comfortable spray
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has great coverage
  • does not pick up
  • It’s water-based spray paint and it hardly smells.
  • It has a silky look and feel and meets the chalk paint style perfectly.
  • Dries in 1 hour
  • You can add colors to get gradients and combinations

As we have already sanded and prepared the surface we can paint directly on the chest of drawers. In other cases, we could recommend using a spray primer, if we consider that the pores of the wood are very open and that a lot of paint is going to be used. But this is not the situation for this project because we have a piece of furniture that does not need priming: the surface looks smooth enough, not as porous as other woods, and in good condition.

To paint with Chalk Spray Paint is very simple for everything we have said. We will spray at a distance of about 30 cm in thin and homogeneous layers. First vertically and then horizontally or vice versa. We can repaint instantly, something unusual and that is a virtue of this product, combining the colors as we please without fear of dripping or sagging.

To facilitate the work, and as we have said before, we have disassembled the furniture and painted the pieces one by one. The base and the center drawer are turquoise and the rest of the drawers are lavender.

In short, with the Pintyplus Chalk we paint in a very intuitive way:

As you can see, the result is very nice. A chest of drawers that had a very old look has become a piece of furniture with a very modern look.

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