Pintyplus Art MIRROR EFFECT paint

Do you know what mirror painting is? At Pintyplus we have launched this new product for the world of creativity, crafts, and fine arts. It is a shiny silver-looking paint with which you can achieve two things: an ultra-gloss finish or turn a transparent surface or object into a mirror. Do you want to know how?

To show you what it is and how it is used, we are going to turn a glass bowl into an object that reflects the image in front of it. In this way, we are going to show you that it is very easy to undertake this type of project. What can I use to turn any object into a mirror with mirror effect paint? Quite simply, any object painted with this product, due to its silver color and its shine, will become a precious decorative item.




In order for your simple glass bowl to become a container for decoration, you will need:

How to paint with mirror spray paint

Painting with mirror spray paint is different from painting with glossy RAL paints or other more conventional paints. This is a different paint, formulated from very special pigments. Requires a more leisurely application process.

1st. – Shake the spray very well so that the paint mixes

As we do with the rest of the spray paints, we must shake the bottle vigorously for a minute so that the components inside mix properly.

2º.- Apply very thin layers

The key moment has come to paint the glass bowl. It is important that you are clear about a series of basic rules for spray painting:

  • Although spray painting is faster than painting with other tools, there is no need to rush. Applying thin and homogeneous layers is impossible to do if we do everything quickly and in a hurry.
  • It is not necessary to paint closely, although it may seem so if you have never used it. 25cm or 30cm is a good distance for spraying most of the time you will be spray painting. Painting too close means putting too much paint in too little space, and that’s when it drips.
  • The golden rule: make horizontal and vertical passes, first one and then the other, and in this way, you will be able to perfectly level the surface.

In the case of this new product, it is very important to apply extremely thin layers.  First, you may think that something is wrong because it is a paint that, due to its special effect, covers little by little. That is why it is essential that you apply thin layers, one after the other, without waiting too long between them but leaving a few seconds. In this way, little by little, you will achieve the desired mirror effect.

mirror-effect 2

3º.- Paint the rear face that we want to turn into a mirror.

It is also logical to think that the face that will reflect our image or another will be the one we have painted. Error. If we want the outer side to be the one that reflects, we will have to apply the coats of paint inside the bowl, as you are seeing in the photographs that accompany this article. Only in this way will we achieve the goal: to turn the outer face of the bowl into a reflective surface.

mirror-effect 3

To finish, you have to let the paint dry. In this case, the Pintyplus mirror effect paint takes only 5 minutes to dry. So it will be a moment. But other paints take longer. If you want to have complete information on all our products, you already know that you must enter the products page of our website.

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