Pintyplus brand launched four new products to the market

January 14, 2022, will be a day of celebration for our brand. Launching new products is synonymous with health, innovation, and the desire to continue growing. That is why today we announce that we will have new references and each one of them in a different family, for that very reason, demonstrating that we strive to be consistent with our vision and our mission: to conceive, design, and manufacture spray paint for everyone with the Pintyplus brand. uses and users.

Pintyplus Chalk water base lavender colors

We were the first in the world to package chalk finish spray paint. That was seven years ago today. It is a product that has given us great joy because we have been able to respect its essence; we could have made a matte painting in pastel colors. But we made an ultra-matt paint in pastel colors, water-based, velvety, easily sandable, and with excellent performance.
It has been a product that has been successfully installed in the world of decoration, vintage, and Shabby Chic. And now we are launching two new colors: Light Lavender and Dark Lavender.

Pintyplus chalk lavender

Chalk finish spray paint Pintyplus

Chalk paint spray Pintyplus for decoration purposes. Ultra matt finish with a velvety appearance. Perfect for any surface including expanded polystyrene. It can be washed with soap and water within the first 15 minutes. Maximum coverage and fast drying. Water-based formulated, it is more respectful of the environment.


Applications for the chalk finish paint Pintyplus

Allows decorating easily multiple surfaces in order to give a vintage touch to your objects. Ideal on wood, melamine, canvas, iron, plastic, cardboard, and even on glass. As it does not contain aggressive solvents, it does not attack the expanded polystyrene.

The chalk spray paint Pintyplus is indicated for fans and professionals of the decoration and restoration world. The spray format minimizes the time it takes to paint because it covers very quickly and paints uniformly on any surface. It also avoids brush marks and allows the distress technique.

Technical characteristics Pintyplus Chalk spray paint

  • Size 520/400ml.
  • Spreading = 2 m2.
  • Drying time in 20 minutes, total drying in 1 hour.
  • Repainted with the same paint for 1 hour.
  • Repainted with other paint 24 hours.

Pintyplus Tech Sealer Spray

Pintyplus Tech sealer in the spray is a rubber-based paint specially developed to seal and waterproof cracks, crevices, and leaks appearing on any support or material: metal, aluminum, PVC, masonry, brick, siding, fiberglass, windows, rain gutters, non-pressurized pipes, roofing felt and similar. It is easy to use, dries quickly, and can be repainted once the paint is dry.

Applications of Pintyplus Tech Sealer

Formulated on a rubber base, it is a special paint to cover, seal, and waterproof cracks, crevices, or holes. Available in three colors: black, white, and grey. With Pintyplus Sealer in spray, anyone can waterproof or repair a roof, terrace, tile, or other surfaces that prevent the passage of water.

Technical Characteristics

  • Size 650/500ml
  • Spreading 3m2
  • Drying time for small crevices: 2h
  • Drying time for large crevices: 5h
  • Repainting after 72h
  • Heat resistance 100ºC
  • Matt finish


Varnish in spray Pintyplus Auto

Glossy varnish in a spray for the protection of different parts of the vehicle, especially those exposed to heat. Heat resistance up to 180ºC. High glossy finish and great resistance to scratching and weather conditions. 

Applications for gloss varnish in spray

Formulated to easily protect rims, brake calipers, mirrors, drums, hubcaps and other similar parts.

Technical characteristics

  • Size 400ml
  • Spreading = 2 m2
  • Superficial dry = 2h
  • Total dry = 4h
  • Transparent finish
  • Does not yellow

This year 2022 we are launching a very special product: Mirror Effect with which you can achieve a very shiny silver effect or turn a transparent surface or object into a mirror.

Pintyplus Art MIRROR EFFECT paint

If the surface is made of glass, acrylic glass, or similar materials, the Pintyplus mirror effect paint turns the painted surface into a mirror-like effect. Over opaque surfaces, it achieves a high glossy silver effect.

Technical characteristics

  • Format: 400/520ml
  • Spreading: 2 m2
  • Total drying time: 5 minutes
  • Re-painting: after 2 minutes (each layer)

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