Novasol Spray

It seems like you are discussing the option of changing the color of a wonderful decoration you saw at a bazaar using metallic spray paints from the Evolution range by Pintyplus. Specifically, you mentioned the colors gold and silver. The silver color gives an incredible look that will perfectly complement dark tones, while the gold […]

Not everything is painted; this time we focus on windshield de-icing spray. How many times have we arrived at our car in the morning only to find the windshield frozen, obstructing our visibility? With this spray from the Greenox family by Novasol Spray, we can put an end to this problem. It is an indispensable […]

Gisela Lladó Cánova, known for her participation in the Spanish television reality show Operación Triunfo, for being the voice of Disney for more than 20 years in films such as Frozen, and for her innumerable performances in musicals, will continue one more year as an ambassador of our brand  Pintyplus. One more year we will see the singer with […]

January 14, 2022, will be a day of celebration for our brand. Launching new products is synonymous with health, innovation, and the desire to continue growing. That is why today we announce that we will have new references and each one of them in a different family, for that very reason, demonstrating that we strive […]

TEB  is a Cooperative Group formed by eight cooperatives that provide coverage to more than 650 people with functional diversity. They started in 1968 from a civic initiative and now have eight centers and multiple actions to make the lives of the people they help much better. When we were asked if we could participate […]

Lubricant spray Greenox

November 11, 2021

The lubricant spray Greenox is a special product to avoid corrosion and achieve a constant protection. Is the ideal multipurpose for home and DIY. Applications for the lubricant spray Eliminates friction and smooths joints and cogs. Greenox spray lubricant is perfect to lubricate locks, guns, fishing reels, etc. Highly penetrating with hydrofugal characteristics. It enables engines which […]

The bumper spray paint is a special paint indicated to be applied on exposed plastic parts of cars. 2 in 1 product: long-lasting primer and final finish paint. Types of bumper spray paints Smooth bumper spray paint: uniform matt coating which leaves a smooth surface free from rough particles. Textured bumper spray paint: with microspheres that provide […]

Spray paint allows us to quickly and easily decorate the objects that we will deliberately place in our home. Change the color according to the convenience of each moment and the decorative needs that we face in the different spaces of our home, workplace, or others. The colors that we offer from Pintyplus in the […]

Anticorrosive galvanic or cold galvanizing paint spray primer Pintyplus Tech. It is a spray paint primer based on aluminum and zinc. Elevated antioxidant protection on metallic surfaces. Smooth, uniform, and gloss finish. Excellent resistance to the elements. Very fast drying. Applications for the cold galvanizing in spray Used to protect metallic surfaces from corrosion: metallic structures, fences, tanks, […]

In the last decade, Novasol Spray S.A has achieved great growth thanks to the consolidation and evolution of its PINTYPLUS spray paint brand. A widely recognized brand in the world of DIY, creativity, DIY, domestic and industrial maintenance, as well as in various professional sectors. Its increasingly wide range of products fulfills its mission: to […]