Novasol Spray S.A expands the production capacity

In the last decade, Novasol Spray S.A has achieved great growth thanks to the consolidation and evolution of its PINTYPLUS spray paint brand. A widely recognized brand in the world of DIY, creativity, DIY, domestic and industrial maintenance, as well as in various professional sectors. Its increasingly wide range of products fulfills its mission: to offer spray paint for all uses and users. Also, the Water-based paints that make up a large part of the Pintyplus product family are growing, proving that they have come to stay. In order to satisfy all these users and their needs, Novasol Spray S.A expands its production capacity with the acquisition of a new 1,600 m2 warehouse.

Novasol Spray S.A expands production capacity thinking about the future

With an area expanded to a total of 9,000 m2, Novasol Spray will continue to carry out the complete process from the creation of the product in the R&D department to its manufacture and marketing. With these new infrastructures, we can deal with the growing demand and new challenges that are looming in the future.

Our premise is to offer quality products to our users without forgetting to seek excellence in service to our distributors. We want to grow with them and meet their expectations through our products, offering a better shopping experience for our users.

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