Kevin Prados Garcia, Marketing Director at Pintyplus leads the team that makes communication possible …


How is this challenge assumed by the Marketing department at Pintyplus?

We try to work with great seriousness and ambition, carrying out planning and planning executions that conform to what the company can expect from us. Regardless of whether we are more or less correct, we believe that if we are consistent and maintain a discourse in which everyone in the company believes, the results must end up arriving sooner or later.

By this, I mean that we try to do preliminary work that we take very seriously about what we should communicate. What does the consumer expect from our products? And the dealer? And what do we expect from them? When we are clear about these types of questions, it is much easier to communicate, either through POS, digital content, training, or specific actions. But we believe that the key to success lies in having clear premises to act always and in any area under the umbrella of these. Consistency in our work is very important.

How important is it the digital sector have in company communication?

I will not discover anything to anyone saying that digital communication channels are essential. But not only ours, but also those of our distributors. We create content that tries to explain the products and how they are used in a simple, entertaining, and educational way. And we not only create these contents for ourselves and our networks, but we also make them available to our B2B clients through a digital platform that we have created for this purpose.

I think the key to all of this lies in meeting what the end customer expects of all of us, the manufacturer and the distributor. Consumption habits change at a very high speed and we must be agile and know how to adapt. It is no longer valid only to issue the invoice correctly, not fail in orders, meet delivery dates or always be available by phone; What an end customer or a distributor considers now, in the year 2021, a comprehensive and quality service, involves much more work and variables than the same ten years ago.

And we must not forget the present, accompany the sales team and learn from them and the distributors, be on the street accompanying in the implementation of advertising at the point of sale or simply to explain a new product, a temporary campaign or a strategy of diffusion.

Speaking of Marketing Channel in Pintyplus, a traditional market such as hardware stores, how is it communicated?

The hardware store market is our market, it is there where we feel most comfortable and where we believe that our brand develops more solvent and organically.

To support the hardware channel in the sale of our products it is necessary that we do a great job of training because we are in a place where more importance is given to personalized attention with respect to the end customer. If you go into a hardware store, you know that someone will accompany you, explain to you, and help you make the correct purchase choice. We have the responsibility to help this or that companion so that they feel safe or secure in their company when someone asks for or needs spray paint.

In addition, as I have already said, we generate digital content for our clients’ networks, thinking about their final client and how to spray paint should be communicated to them in relation to the channel in which we are.

I would add that we have developed an advertising campaign at the point of sale very well aligned with the hardware channel: we try to be pedagogical, provide adequate and useful information to the end consumer, and work so that their experience with the spray is satisfactory.

Is there an international marketing strategy at Pintyplus?

It could not be otherwise. Each country is a world and each distributor has its own work culture and its own internal dynamics. We try to adapt to that of each distributor and market to give the best of ourselves. Pintyplus, from my point of view, has made it’s way abroad thanks to two things: the quality of the product and the great work of the export partners, who are always on top of the distributors, taking care of them and accompanying them.

From marketing, we cannot do anything other than adhere to this philosophy and try to provide quality content and resources to distributors that make life easier for them when selling our sprays.

Do you have a specific campaign running?

At the moment we are actively collaborating with Gisela Lladò, who has become our ambassador because she brings together in her person, her history, and her way of doing the values ​​that we seek to turn into virtues here at Pintyplus: humility, work, effort, and proximity.

It has been very easy to work with her at all times and she is the image of the brand at the point of sale in addition to creating digital content in which she shows how our products are used. The best thing about this collaboration is that nothing is forced, because Gisela has always been a DIY and DIY lover, and that is also essential for our collaboration to work so well.

How do you see the future of communication at Pintyplus?

Continue to work seriously and be able to make correct decisions based on the information.

For that, we have to continue to evolve in information collection mechanisms but also know how to treat this to understand what the consumer expects of us and act to offer it.

Our field is fascinating for several reasons. I highlight the difficulty of knowing if what you are doing is working or not, and the ability of the entire team to overcome doubts and believe in what they are doing out of common sense and because there are many hours behind. Second, the speed at which everything changes and the speed we must have to adapt. That makes our work fun, stimulating, and not monotonous.

So we will continue to be agile to adapt to the changes and new consumer demands that will be imposed in the coming years, but always with the same premise: to communicate the brand well and be pedagogical about the use of our products.

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