Pintyplus participated as a sponsor in the “VII Jornadas Jóvenes Ferreteros” organized by C de Comunicación,

Last Monday, November 22, 2021, Pintyplus participated as a sponsor in the “VII Jornadas Jóvenes Ferreteros” organized by C de Comunicación, which was held at the Kitchen Club event center in Madrid. The day before we participated in the dinner that the Hardware and DIY Magazine had organized for what we arrived a day earlier and that served to get to know each other and start Tuesday day from that point of trust and good atmosphere.

The day was widely interesting. First, Marta Jiménez and Ángeles Moya made a solid analysis of the sector and the problems derived from the crisis of raw materials.

Laureano Turienzo gave us ideas about our sector that helped us to think and to understand that we are in a good moment and we have a great future. We highlight the one that says the conversion “rate in a physical store is much higher than the conversion rate in an online channel&quot“. Everyone who knows us knows that we have always defended the proximity model where the crucial value is people and the contact between them, something that no algorithm will ever be able to recreate.

Jornadas Jóvenes Ferreteros Pintyplus

During the networking session, in which suppliers were able to exchange views with young hardware dealers, a very interesting and productive debate was held, focusing on the problems of raw materials, forecasts and rates.

We intervened on this last point to remind them of our commitment to balance prices once the market has recovered from this crisis. Because we are committed to our customers, who are the ultimate architects of our brand success. Another of the most interesting points of the day was Ricardo Muñoz Lagarón, who brilliantly explained his business vision and the process by which El Sabio hardware store was created and implemented.

We also participate in the great initiative Aula Pro, an APP that aims to help hardware dealers to train themselves in an autonomous and fun way through contests, rankings, and prizes.

The award for the best hardware store of the year went to Patricia González. to whom, from here, we congratulate enormously, as well as to the rest of the nominees. We do not want to finish without highlighting the very accurate words of Juan Manuel Fernández, who highlighted the importance of hardware stores and how this sector has opened up to new times, enjoying formidable health in this regard.

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