Transform a photo frame into a vintage mirror

It’s probable that in our house we have a photo frame that we no longer use, that we once liked, but that over time we got bored. From Pintyplus we propose a DIY to transform that photo frame into a vintage mirror.

For this project, we are going to use Pintyplus Art Craft Mirror Effect, and for the frame we will use Pintyplus Home Brass.

What do we need for this project?
1. A bottle of Pintyplus Art Craft mirror effect.
2. A bottle of Pintyplus Home Brass.
3. A photo frame with glass.

Tip: To be able to use our sprays in many more projects, it is necessary that the nozzle remains clean after use. We achieve this by reversing the can upside down and pressing it so that the accumulated paint in the nozzle comes out. In this way, it will not stay dry inside and we can use it whenever we need it.

 Clean the surface:

Before painting it is essential to clean the surface. In this case, it is even more important as it is a glass that in the future will be a mirror.

Paint with Pintyplus Art & Craft Mirror Effect

To turn the glass into a mirror, the first thing we have to do is shake the can well. Once this is done we can start painting. We will do this by applying long and even layers with enough distance so that excess paint does not accumulate. We will apply several layers as we see that the previous one is dry. Were done as soon as we can see through the glass.

It is important to remember that the fact that we are going to paint is the one that remains inside the glass and not the one that remains outside.

Once we have painted the glass, we can paint the frame. For this, we have decided to use the brass color from the Home range.

It is better to start painting from the outside of the object to avoid excessive paint and always test the spray on another surface before starting to make sure it is ready.

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