Acrylic spray paint to paint lamps

How are you? In this tutorial, we are going to rehabilitate some lamps or lanterns in the garden now that the good weather is coming to leave the area where we will receive the guests or be with them impeccable. With Pintyplus Evolution Water Based 9005 matt black, it is simple and durable. It is a water-based acrylic spray paint with great performance and is very comfortable because it hardly smells and does not generate a cloud of dust.

Acrylic spray paint for home maintenance

There are many paints and Pintyplus Evolution Base Water is created for multiple uses. One of them is home maintenance. Spray painting is essential for those small home repairs that require accuracy, speed, and a reasonable price.

Technical characteristics

  • Size 400ml.
  • Spreading 2 m2.
  • Dust dry in 15 min.
  • Touch dry in 1h.
  • Total dry in 4h.
  • Repainting after 15 minutes.
  • Heat resistance 90 Cº.

In this tutorial, we are going to paint the lanterns of a porch that are dirty and worn. We are going to clean them, paint them and protect them.


Materials to paint lamps in four steps

To paint the lamps we will have to perform four simple steps. The materials that we will need are:

1st. – Clean the surface and cover the areas that we do not want to paint

With Pintyplus Alcohol Surface Cleaner and a cloth, cleaning embedded dirt will be very easy. First, we must apply the alcohol generously on the surface and let it act. We will verify that its evaporation is almost instantaneous. Later, when passing the chamois, we will verify that it is very easy to remove the scale.

2º.- Prepare the surface with spray metal primer

The spray primer is an antioxidant and has this double function: to achieve anchorage and protect against rust. We must apply thin layers, letting the paint rest. It is advisable to give more thin coats than a few less thick ones. In this way, we will avoid pick-up. And it is also necessary to let the primer dry for 48 hours before applying the paint.


These tips can help you when priming a surface:

  • Applies thin and even strokes, horizontally and vertically, without staying still in one spot
  • Spray at a distance of 25 or 30 cm
  • Allow the primer to dry for at least two days to achieve an excellent result

3º.- Paint with water-based acrylic spray paint

After the primer has dried for two days we can proceed to paint the pieces. To do this, it is essential to follow the following steps:

  • Shake the bottle for one minute to mix the components
  • Try spraying outside the object to be painted to get the touch of the button
  • Spray at a distance of 30 cm; if you spray closer you can have hang-ups
  • Apply thin and uniform layers, it is advisable to settle the paint little by little

4º.- Varnish with water-based spray varnish

The last step is varnishing. This way we will achieve a durable and protected finish. We have chosen the matte varnish to continue with the tone that we have chosen for the painting. But it is also available in a gloss finish. It is an acrylic and water-based varnish, very easy to use, and with hardly any odor. Apply it as you have done with the paint and the result will be excellent.

The lamps have been like new, nothing to do with the ones we had at the beginning. We have done it spending little time, in a simple and fun way. They will look like this for a long time, because we have primed, painted, and varnished the pieces, and we can be sure that they will resist the elements for a long time.

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