How to spray paint a window frame

Need a new window frame color? No need to replace them, you can give them a new look with just spray paint. Have a look at this video tutorial below on how to spray paint a window.

The versatility of spray paint is endless, sometimes we forget that the more mundane features in our home can give an impressive new atmosphere when just spray paint is applied. It’s an easy, inexpensive and fun way to change the look of your home.

Steffi will now show you how in the below video tutorial on how to spray paint a window.

Materials to renovate the window frame

Achieve a fabulous new look from just this small list:

Step by step how to paint the window frame

Make sure the surface is clean and dry with no rotting wood. Sand the frame with sandpaper. Do not use any cleaning products with silicone or wax as this impedes paint adhesion . Warm clean water should do the trick.

Sand the frame with sandpaper

Mask off the area using masking tape and paper or cardboard. Make sure all the glass is covered and any wall area that might catch overspray.

pintyplus spray paint primer

If you have an aluminum window frame, you need to apply a primer. Give the wood an even coat of primer to help the paint to stick. Once the primer has dried ( about one hour) you can apply the Pintyplus Evolution spray paint. Once you hear the mixing balls when you shake the can, mix for a few seconds.

painting the window with spray paint pintyplus

Use thin even coats when spraying. Two coats normally cover well. The first blast of spray should be directed at the masked area so you can control the distance and firing pressure of the spray paint. Remember when you are finished spraying, to turn the can upside down to clean all the paint from the nozzle. Just turn and spray until there is only gas coming out of the nozzle.

Finally, apply the varnish coat. Then remove all the masking tape and paper.

apply the varnish coat of pintyplus spray

How much renovate a window frame with spray paint?

You will need one can of Pintyplus Spray primer, one can of Pintyplus Evolution spray paint, one can of Pintyplus spray varnish, some masking tape and sandpaper. So for under €40 you will have a new look window frame. A lot cheaper than installing a new one. Saves time and money.

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