How to spray paint a wrought iron headboard

Are you bored with your headboard colour? You would like something new but don’t want to spend too much money changing it? Well, you can give your room a fresh look in a morning or afternoon for less than €50.

For a cost effective transformation, in only a few hours you can achieve this beautiful makeover. In this case we used a new iron headboard, as shown below.

The brown colour is a bit dark in the room, so to achieve more light and contrast with the wallpaper we decided to transform it with a bright, light colour.

How to spray paint a wrought iron headboard before

Pintypluser Mari Luz of Bricoydeco took just one afternoon to transform this drab colour to a light and bright new look for this beautiful bedroom. Using only some cans of spray paint and a bit of tender loving care.

Materials to renovate a wrought iron headboard

The headboard was in perfect condition and did not require prior sanding. Otherwise a wire brush and sandpaper would be required to smooth the surface.

Materials to renovate a wrought iron headboard

How to spray paint a wrought iron headboard

Learn how to spray paint a wrought iron headboard in just one minute.



1. Clean the surface

The surface must be clean and dry. Methylated spirits or denatured alcohol is perfect for this. Available in most paint shops and hardware stores. This removes embedded dirt and dust but does not contain wax. This will ensure a good grip for the paint finish.

Clean the surface

2. Metal primer

Apply iron spray primer Pintyplus Tech , it’s an anti corrosive primer and contains no lead. Gives good grip for the paint and a longer lasting finish is achieved.

It’s application is very simple, just follow these steps.

  1. Shake the can for one minute when you hear the metal mixing balls.
  2. Place the Pintyplus spray gun on the top of the spray can. This is not essential but prevents finger fatigue.
  3. Direct the first spray on your masking paper until the spray is even.
  4. Apply thin horizontal and vertical layers 25/30cm from the headboard .
  5. When your finished. Turn the can upside down and press the nozzle until only gas comes out. This cleans the nozzle for the next use.

metal primer spray Pintyplus

3. Apply paint finish

Once the primer has dried ( less than one hour in warm conditions ) you can apply the finish paint coat. To do this use Pintyplus Evolution Colour Acrylic Signal White.

It is applied exactly the same way as the metal primer. It requires 15 minutes drying time . For full hardening and curing of the paint finish allow 48 hours before submitting to normal household use.

Apply paint finish spray paint

How much to renovate a wrought iron headboard?

This headboard was 150 cm wide. We used 2 cans of metal primer and 2 cans of paint finish colour. This costs approximately €45. The job took about 3 hours in total, cleaning and masking the area. The end result is a nice bright fresh new look . It’s a new headboard for less than €50!

How to spray paint a wrought iron headboard after

This time we used a separate primer and top coat. But you can try an alternative solution in our Pintyplus spray tech forging paint. It’s primer and paint in one. Saves time and money. It is available in black, green, blue and red. Drying time is about one hour. And it has a built in antioxidant primer.

For an alternative solution try Pintyplus Spray Tech Forge.

try Pintyplus Spray Tech Forging

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Pintypluser : Bricoydeco