How to make a heart with buttons and spray paint for Valentine’s Day

Do you want to surprise your partner with a DIY heart? Cristina teaches us how to make a heart with buttons and spray paint for Valentine’s Day. Although … for the lovers, any day is good for that.

Materials to make  a heart with buttons

The steps to follow to have your heart of buttons

We disassemble the wooden frame and remove the glass. We shall not use it because it will be in a relief and we would be impossible to mount it back. Distress and clean well.

First we start applying Pintyplus Aqua the White Lady color on the wooden frame. We shall apply only one layer, because the hiding power is enough with only one layer.

For sure you can find a lot of buttons in your home. Cristina has recycled them to create this creative project. On a cardboard draw and cut the shape of a heart. The cardboard should be thick enough to support the weight of what we are going to put on it. Apply the adhesive and stick the buttons until the cardboard is completely covered. You can put another layer of buttons to increase volume. Once it’s dry, apply the primer for Plastic Pintyplus and paint with the Red Glamor color from Pintyplus Aqua range.

Paint also the letters LOVE on one side of the wooded frame with the same red color.

While our heart dries, make the base of the painting using the stencils Pintyplus. Specifically, the stencil No. 3. Apply the repositionable adhesive and let it dry for a few minutes. Then, put the stencil on the cardboard and apply a layer of paint, the Black King color from the Pintyplus Aqua range.

Remove the stencil and let it dry.

put the stencil on the cardboard

We can finish by applying a layer of varnish and place the different elements in their position.

Make a heart with buttons and spray paint for Valentine's Day

We hope you liked this tutorial and the surprise for your partner will be as pleasant as the gift.

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