Hanger vintage for keys with Pintyplus spray

Surely sometimes you forgot where you left the car keys or the house keys. That happens because you don’t have a specific place to leave them. And let’s not talk about the tragic day when everything goes wrong,  you are in a hurry and leaving the house you leave the keys inside. In this post, we are going to give a fantastic idea to solve these problems: hanger vintage for keys made with Pintyplus Chalk spray to have always at hand the keys and also will also decorate your house entrance.

In this post, we have chosen a key holder with the shape of a house and we have tried to give it a vintage look with the double purpose of keeping the keys and decorating the house entrance. As you can see, it’s very easy to achieve this awesome look with Pintyplus Chalk Paint sprays. Finally, you’ll get a useful and beautiful hanger for keys in six steps without spending anything.



How to paint your hanger vintage for keys with spray in 6 steps

Customizing your key hanger is very simple. In this video tutorial, you can see it:


1. Clean the surface:

First, the surface has to be clean of any dirt that may create bumps or complicate the adhesion of the paint.

2. Cover the areas that we don’t want to paint:

Secondly, we have to use the masking tape to cover the areas that we don’t want to paint.

3. Paint the interior of the hanger keys:

Then, we will use the tape to cover the exterior areas of the hanger keys. When we have done that, we paint the interior of the surface. Most importantly, we will spray at a distance of 30 centimeters. Then, we should let the paint to dry about 20 minutes before painting the exterior.

Just follow the same procedures to paint the exterior hanger keys. Cover with masking tape everything that isn’t in the exterior of the hanger keys and then paint.

4. Stencil:

Next, use a stencil template to ive a special design to our hanger keys. In the very next step, what we have to do is to grab the template and apply the removable adhesive. Don’t use too much adhesive in order to avoid unwanted residues. Place the stencil cover with masking tape everything that is beyond the template. Afterwards comes the fun part, we have to paint.

5. Sanding and varnishing:

We will continue sanding to obtain the vintage effect. Then we will varnish with the water-based varnish of Pintyplus.

6. Decorating:

Finally, we decorate the inside of the hanger vintage keys with spray to our liking.

Tell us that it isn’t easy to decorate our vintage hanger keys! It is the perfect complement to the decoration of our hall and gives us a service that at first view, may seem superfluous, but it is not: in effect, everyone, once, has forgotten their keys.

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Pintypluser: Sra.Cricket