How to make a mat table with spray

Are the table clothes burned? It’s something that happens frequently: coming from work tired, preparing the meal quickly, you put the pot on the table and… No! another tablecloth burned… That’s why it’s so useful to know how to make a tablecloth. We will show you how to do it in three easy steps using Pintyplus spray.



How to make a table mat step by step:

We are going to show you how to make a table mat in three easy steps. In the next video you can see the process:


1º.- Painting the rope:

First, we paint the rope with Chalk Finish Paint. We can paint all the rope of the same color or we can paint of different colors.

2º.- Put it on top of the felt:

We wait half an hour for the Chalk to dry in order to manipulate the rope. Secondly, we stick the rope on the felt with hot silicone. We have to roll it up as we apply the silicone to stick it.

3º.- Cut the felt:

After twining and sticking the rope with the felt, we must cut the excess with scissors. Next, we will have the rope painted; stuck on one side of the felt; the felt will serve as a base.And that’s it! We have made, in three simple steps, a table mat for everyday. How you could see, it’s a quick, easy, cheap and fun process. That’s why we encourage you to do it and to show it to us on Facebook or Instagram

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