How to obtain a shabby chic frame with Chalk Paint in Spray

SteffiDo is one of our most active ambassadors, and like all of them, she can’t stop for a moment. Taking advantage of her advanced state of pregnancy, she decided to make this video in which she paints obtainig a wood frame with a shabby chic effect painting with Chalk Paint spray. In this case, it was the mirror frame from the dining room, as you’ll see,  it will look just amazing!

Pay special attention to these two important details from the video making a vintage effect:

To start, the glass from the whole mirror was not protected as you can see.

Pintyplus Chalk is a water-based paint that can be removed with a wet cloth when the paint is still wet. This means that the paint stains can be cleaned during the first 10 minutes from the application. And if unfortunately, you were busy doing something else and that time passed, don’t worry: with the same cloth or even with alcohol, the paint will be easily cleaned.

Starting from this moment, she have seen how the mirror frame has a shabby chic effect. She didn’t use sandpaper nor had to rub with anything abrasive. She did it with a cloth, rubbing while painting.

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Pintypluser: SteffiDo Youtube