How to recycle and paint a melamine furniture

The importance of recycling is evident so, if you don’t want to recycle, we’ll make a mess of our planet. From the blog Masni Decoracio from Hungary we obtain this colorful and wonderful project that shows us how to recycle and paint melamine furniture having, as a result, a professional finish. This brings many positive properties, as it doesn’t get dirty easily and allows you to clean it so quickly. This advantage is totally contrary to the fact of trying to adhere a paint.

Essential product for painting melamine furniture

In the year 2013, Pintyplus launched to the market a specific transparent primer to paint all types of plastics and with it can also be adhered to melamine superfaces. A great invention that allows to the paint to adhere on melamine furniture… among others.

Materials for recycling and painting a melamine furniture

Step by step to recycle and paint a melamine furniture

Step 1: Remove and Clean.

What we have to do first is to disassemble the furniture as much as possible but without exaggerating 😉 . These are the doors and remove the drawers if it has ones. Clean well with water or alcohol. The objective is to eliminate any impurities that can have a negative effect on the adhesion for the next layer. Try not to leave any dirt, old adhesive or even dust on the surface.

Step 2. Design and cover:

In this step we are going to think a little about the design.The idea is to tape and cover areas that we do not want to paint.So if we are going to paint the furniture in different colors we will leave the area of the first color free.

Step 3. Apply the primer for plastic and melamine:

We could give a primer to all the furniture, but we are interested in the areas that go with the “virgin” melamine remain as is.If applied to the primer,even if it is transparent,it will slighty modify and we are interested in maintaining the original appearance.

Step 4. Paint with spray

Shake the boat and apply the first color.Better to give several layers thin and followed than one thick.You have to control the pick-up.Before drying completely remove the tape.At 15 minutes it will be dry.

Step 5. Repeat all the steps done until now:

We will repeat from step 2 as many times as we design colors for our melamine furniture.

Step 6. Assemble:

And this is the result

Folow this link to see other aplications of Pintyplus Platic Primer:

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