3 Dolce & Gabbana style bags for summer

From the bowels of summer comes this post by Mami Crafter. And we all know that at this time of the year, the fruit is an element that we all need, not only on the table, at lunchtime, but also as a decorative element. That’s why we’re going to show you how to make 3 Summer Dolce & Gabbana style bags with Pintyplus sprays. Because, if you have not seen, the great fashion brand has included in its summer line 2018 fruits in their clothes and accessories. And we all want to go to the last one, right?

So if you’re not thinking of spending a lot of money on accessories for this summer, stay until the end: let’s take some spray and let’s give life to our common complements. Let’s convert this bags in something awesome!

3 Dolce & Gabbana style bags for summer

Materials to make the 3 bags:

Start making 3 Summer Bags Dolce & Gabbana style

Gabbana style bag 1

Let’s make a shopping bag with a colorful watermelonon it. To do this, we are going to use the Pinty Plus AQUA sprays colors YELLOW CHICK, GREEN KIWI and AURORA RED. We will draw the seeds with black permanent marker:

The time to put on the masking tape and newspapers to delimit the area painted with pink:

Spray pink color with small touches and approaching not more than 20 cm from our project. You will see that it covers perfectly with a single thin layer:

Separate the yellow area with the tape and the newspapers:

Paint with yellow using the same technique:

Repeat with the green, in this case, Mami Crafter left more space for the green stripe to be seen thicker:

Now you can see the shopping bag that,  for sure, it will be the most cheerful from the supermarket!

Gabbana style bag 2

We are going to customize the eco bag, to which we have added a wooden bowl to give it a base:

Since the eco bag was painted with the Rose Garden color, the color BLACK KING was chosen to create contrast:

After giving a thin layer of paint with the spray all over the bowl leave it to dry, now it is possible to put it inside of the eco bag. Congratulations! Now you are ready to go shopping!

Gabbana style bag 3

We shall customize the bowl, which possibly will be the complement for this summer (with only walking just a little bit you’ll see it everywhere). This is where we mark the difference, we shall paint the half wicker cutted on one of its sides, using the GEEN KIWI and the ORANGE APRICOT:

Protect well the areas you don’t want to be painted with newspapers and masking tape.

Proceed with painting the base with green in this case:

Once dry, we delimit the areas that we want to mark as segments using the tape:

Apply the orange color and….  now we have the most ‘chic’ wicker baskets-bags we can show during our walks!

Gabbana style bags

As you can see, to create your own accessories is very easy. We hope this manner of customizing you found it fresh and original. Without any doubt you’ll not see anyone else with the same style. We wish you very good holidays!

Pintypluser: Mami Crafter

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