How to create a magnetic board with spray

After the release of the F · R · I · E · N · D · S magnet collection, we needed to convert a surface into a place where we could hook those magnets. And taking advantage of this post we present you the paint holds magnets in a spray with metallic pigments from the Pintyplus Art & Craft range which practically converts any object, a piece or a side of a furniture or whay not a wall into a surface where the magnets are going to attracted and where will stand. Magnetic paint on wood


Step by step:

1º. In the “pantry” of all crafter there are thin plywood boards. You can shape it as you want knowing that only your creation is the limit and yes limited by the cut of a saw as well… Think that it will be the surface that will later hold the magnets.

Electric saw

2º. Pintyplus paint has a very quick drying time and with a single layer the surface is well covered. Even so, and to ensure a good concentration of metal (the key for the magnets to hold) we have given three layers to the wood. In 15 minutes it´s ready.Hold magnets coat on wood

Magnetic coat on wood covers well

3º. Now you have to choose a type of rope since thare are so many options. Three ropes have been cut and knotted at one end.Rope for the project

. The braid made with the rope is the support of the board, we leave it longer or shorter depending on how we created the board.The braid rope

5º. Then what we have done is to knot the final end of the rope and we have undone the remaining rope to give it a tasseled look:Rode tasseled

. The rope is placed on the wood.Rope for the plywood

7º. A stapler has been used, but can also be used glue or silicone.Rope attached to the plywood

8º. Now you can place this wood wherever you want because the project is done and is time to hook the magnets on top of it!

We hope you liked this post and that you find it useful to hold all your light magnets. Show us what you can do with it on our Instagram and follow the activity of this blog on Facebook