How to customize auxiliary tray-tables

How to customize auxiliary tray-tables

The tray-tables are very practical because can be assembled and disassembled in one blink of an eye. Are ideal as an extra complement in the living room or in any room. We’ll tell you how to customize a auxiliary tray-table with Pintyplus products.

Before and after of the tray tables



However, they are all the same or very similar, for this reason, if you want to add personality and a touch of originality to your auxiliary table this is the spray paint you will need:

Steps to follow:

First, paint the legs of the table with the spray paint. In they project we have used as you can see in the photo the green color, but you can choose between all these colors: black; gray; blue and red. You will find that not only will you break the monotony of the table with the ambient, but also the paint will give an iron effect look to the wooden legs.

Style table tray painted with colors


Use the Pintyplus chalk paint to paint the wood

At this level, the spray paint from Pintyplus is used to color the wood.

First apply a thin coat.

Immediately after, without letting it dry, pass a moistened sponge to drag a part, just a small part without applying to much force of the paint. In this way you will be able to highlight the vein of the wood and give it a different light according to the chosen tone. In this case the colors used were the ash gray, brown, blue, green or any of the Pintyplus chalk color range.

Remember also that chalk paint, thanks to its porous finish, will help you to achieve a ‘shabby chic’ effect, more realistic than other types of paints such as the enamels. You can find more information about Pintyplus chalk paint.

Grain wood after chalk paint

Decoupage with Pintyplus Removable Adhesive

Finally, in order to decorate the visible part of the drawers, we have used the decoupage technique with making use of the paper napkins. To achieve this, you must apply the removable spray adhesive on the back of the printed part of these napkins. In this video tutorial you can see how to do it easily.

Drawers painted with the paper napkins technique


What do you think of the before and after this side table? Surely you also have some similar side tables or trays with legs at home. If so, encourage yourself to remove it from anonymity and customize it with spray paint. You will see how it goes from being a table in the pile to the protagonist of the house.

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