Renew a garden furniture with spray-forge paint

Dekorella, one of the most active #pintypluser we have in Hungary, explains how to renovate a garden furniture with spray-forge paint. In this case they took the opportunity to rejuvenate the family swing they had forgotten in the garden.

Renew the family swing before

The wooden crosspieces are removed to polish and varnish them. While her husband was engaged in this muddy work, she set out to renew the part of the structure.

renew-the-family-swing-before 1

After fifty years and four layers of paint, nothing foreshadowed a simple job. To make it perfect, it would be ideal to sand the entire structure, with the Greenox paint stripper spray work has been easier. You just had to apply the Greenox stripper and wait a few minutes for it to act. The paint remover softens the layers of paint progressively. If once is not enough, it can be applied as many times as necessary. The paint stripper spray is ideal for those cylindrical bars!


After the most entertaining part, paint. Do not forget to always shake the bottle, the forge primer that carries a lot of metal.

renew-with-spray-paint-forge 1

Why paint forge?

As you already know, Pintyplus forging paint is both painting and priming, with what will protect the metal structure from corrosion while giving it a spectacular finish. In this case it is black but we have other colors that you can see in the Pintyplus Tech Forja link.


To achieve a different effect, the final touch uses old toy letters as a template or stencil. He formed the word “ringato” which is the swing translation.


The wooden planks have been varnished and then repositioned.


It was never so easy to renovate garden furniture. With our products, we intend to make it very simple so that you can enjoy creating and renewing, with the satisfaction of having done it with your hands.


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