Kitchen furniture with spray paint

In this program, the Decogarden team presented us with this amazing radical change of all the kitchen furniture with spray paint Pintyplus.


It seems incredible how we can modernize a central space, like the kitchen, with half a dozen  of spray paint boats.

  • Step 1:

The first step they made was to dismantle the doors to paint them. To help the paint have better anchoring, they sanded the surface before proceeding with the painting.



  • Step 2:

After sanding and cleaning, the doors are painted with thin layers, allowing a drying time between layers. The first layer is the most important, because it will make at the same time lid-pores. The rest, wait 5 minutes between layer and layer.

The kitchen furniture and living room doors were painted with Pintyplus Evolution directly without previous priming.


  • Step 3:

They mounted the doors. As you can see, it takes more time to assemble and disassemble the kitchen than to paint it.

To finish off the remodeling, they showed us other applications with spray paint, such as painting the sofa table and the whole lamp with Pintyplus Basic in fuchsia and pink respectively to give it a fresh and informal air.